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20% Off Summer Sale

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Summer is officially here, and we’re committed to helping you prepare your home for the seasonal heat. Starting July 1st, stop by Hammer and Nail Exteriors and save 20% on all windows, doors and siding. As one of the metro …

Make the Front Entry Important

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Rather than just painting the front door a different color, consider these simple ideas to better define your front entry when building or renovating your house: Create a courtyard as an inviting space for guests. Make the garage a separate …

Consider Energy Efficient Windows

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Having well insulated windows can drastically cut energy costs in your home as well as help filter sunlight, preventing harmful rays from fading your furniture, upholstery, wood floors and art. Windows that leak air decrease our comfort as well as …

A Few Inside Door Tips

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Picking a door is not just about what it looks like.  Here’s what you need to know to make sure your doors and hardware last a long time: Avoid hollow-core doors. While they look the same as solid-core doors, you’ll feel …

Window Trends 2015

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Like many other parts of the house, windows are following current trends in overall design aesthetic. Here are three trends in windows we’ve seen in 2015: Size By incorporating picture windows, customers are able to select a variety of customizable …

5 Factors of Choosing a Front Door

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Entry Door Size The term “door size” refers to the width of your front entry door and is usually expressed in inches or feet. The 36-inch entry door is the most common ad of course there are many other sizes …

Bring the Inside Out

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A strong connection between indoors and outdoors can make your home feel larger and lighter. Whether you are currently planning a remodeling project or simply want to get inspired, these ideas for bridging indoors and out are a good place …

Treatments for Oddly Shaped Windows

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Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on their position in your home to the sun or to neighbors, they may need varying types of coverings. Natural fabrics, woods and synthetic materials each have different aesthetics and create different levels …

Don’t Ignore Your Gutters

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Gutter cleaning is an important ritual for all homeowners and should be done twice per year. When clogged gutters overflow, they can cause ice dams on the roof that force water inside your house. They can also get so heavy …

Over Sized Doors and What to Consider

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While we certainly understand the desire to open up your home to nature, this must be carefully achieved. If you are considering a VERY large door, here are 5 practical and important factors you will want to consider. Opening Size …

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