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TruGuard® Covered Gutter Protection System

“A guaranteed nose-forward gutter protection system.”

Every home should have a proper gutter system. Unfortunately, many homes are saddled with old, damaged or defective gutters. Old rain gutters or improper gutter installation allows water to leak inside, causing wood rot and foundation problems, not to mention landscape erosion on the exterior of your home.

The TruGuard Gutter Protection System is a premium gutter system that withstands the toughest weather. It is guaranteed not to clog, so you won’t have to spend weekends climbing ladders. And, if by chance your gutters do become clogged, Hammer and Nail Exteriors will clean them for free.

Hammer and Nail Exteriors is your go-to retailer for gutters in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland and Northern Virginia. If you’re looking for a covered gutter system that is durable and built to last, call today to schedule a free in-home consultation.


  • Each TruGuard cover is made from a recycled aluminum alloy that has been titanium enhanced and specially annealed to offer greater strength, weatherability and formability
  • TruGuard has a specially formed “tri-sectioned” nose exclusively engineered to allow debris to fall off at three different points while channeling the water into the gutter.
  • Fastens to the fascia – not the roof! Works with all types of roof systems such as metal, slate, Spanish tile and most wood shake rood systems
  • Each TruGuard panel has been specially coated with a Kynar paint system in order to provide you with the best UV protection fade and warranty.
  • Designed to work in all climates and resists fading and chalking, ensuring the best and most consistent surface tension.
  • Color palette has been chosen to coordinate with today’s most popular roofing colors.gutter-color-palette-300x237

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